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As a company which work towards building cutting-edge websites, it is critical for us to maintain consistency in the websites we create. We host our clients' websites on a regular basis and provide the necessary maintenance that maintains each site running at the level we expect. We do it as a means of continuing to provide value for our clients.

Our dependable website maintenance and management service includes

  • Adding new content/products and/or services, content updates, modification, or removal.
  • Schedules and future activities are posted on the bulletin board.
  • Posting to your blog with content that you have created.
  • Using social media networks to post
  • 404 errors and broken links on the website are fixed.
  • Increasing the speed and load times of your website
  • Backup and storing of websites
  • Plugins are being updated to newer versions.
  • Keeping track of website downtime and getting it back up and running as soon as possible.

What Are the Advantages of Managed Website Maintenance & Website Management Services with Hosting for Your Business?

1. Maintain the freshness of your content

An updated website with all the new information will assist increase traffic, sales, and leads, as well as encourage people to stay longer on your site. New content is so important for getting found online that Google filed a patent called Document Scoring Based on Document Information Update, which ranks the freshness of your content.

2. No-hassle service

If you want to include text and picture changes to existing pages, the addition of videos, plugin updates, browser updates, and other changes, simply call or email us when there is a problem with your website, or an update is required we will take care of the rest. We will contact you after the issue has been repaired or your upgrade has been finished.

3. Setup and integration of Google Analytics

Improve sales, keep track of your website visitors and conversion rates by obtaining website statistics and data. We will configure and install Google Analytics on your website, including goal tracking to track your conversion rate. We may also develop bespoke reports on your website data that will be emailed to you each month.

4. Advanced website security and protection

Cyber-attacks are becoming more common in small businesses, resulting in website downtime, stress, and a loss of money when clients and prospects are unable to access your website. Captivate Designs takes the necessary precautions to safeguard your website. If your website is hacked, we will take the required steps to restore it at no extra cost.

5. Backup and storage of a website

Have peace of mind knowing that your website is in good hands. We will backup and store a copy of your website files so that it may be simply reloaded if service is interrupted. This saves you time, money, and a lot of irritation from having to start from scratch if your website has a problem.

6. Save time

If you have any problems with your website hosting or website, contact us via phone or email and we will take care of everything. Quick tech assistance at a hosting business; we manage everything for you, keep you updated on the process, and notify you when the issue is resolved.

7. Prioritization

If you go for a maintenance agreement with us, you will be given first priority in our service queue for any upgrades and modifications to their website. You will go to the front of the line and benefit from faster response times on any updates or issues that you may require with expedited service.

8. Updates and cross-browser testing

As we know Web browsers are continually looking for new methods to give web users with speed and security, which may impact how your website appears in one web browser vs another. We will update your website to ensure that it is always compatible across all browsers and that the user experience is consistent across all web browsers.

Team with us for proactive website maintenance. Offload your burden to us.