Pioneering Intelligent Marketing for Healthcare Providers

As we play the role of both consumers and business people, we realize that we’ve made a shift in the way we perceive and evaluate healthcare post-pandemic. Healthcare businesses that haven’t made this shift are facing a gap with the customers and are getting left behind. We at Ezovion Intelligent marketing help bridge this gap by leveraging modern marketing technology at the intersection of customer behavior patterns and the pace of healthcare ecosystems. Ezovion Intelligent Marketing offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions powered by automation and integration with Ezovion PRM and HIS- helping businesses reinvent healthcare practice in the digital sphere.

Ezovion Founder

Over 25 years of experience in Information Technology in Retail, Healthcare, Insurance and Banking industry with strong technical and management skills. Over 15 years of experience in Software Engineering delivery management, managed multimillion-dollar service deliveries between 2015 and 2019.

Kasi Shanmugam


4 Pillars of successful Healthcare Practice​

4 Pillars of successful Healthcare Practice​

Ezovion marketing solution addresses all the ​

4 pillars to reach your goal! ​

Digital Health is

NOT what you think they want​ It’s what they say they want!​

We cover all ​4 stages​ of your customer lifecycle​


Capture and analyze customers expectations,  business requirements, industry, and consumer.


Identify the right channels

of promotions, timeframes and stakeholders to 




Build a strong strategic roadmap on building online presence, customer engagement, achieving bottom-line and disruption.​


Brand building and consistency across the social media platforms, website, and digital ad optimization, rendering best user experience.